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Local governments are notorious for being "left behind" when it comes to technology.


While good tech can greatly reduce employee workloads, increase productivity, and boost job satisfaction bad tech does the opposite.

At walsh+logic we train your bad tech to be good :)


First Responders are under more pressure than ever before.

The right tech can save lives or make a bad day worse. From office systems to body-worn tech we make everything work!

walsh+logic has an extensive

history working with Law Enforcement, Fire, Dispatch, and EMS services.


Business is good! Or is it?

Every minute you and your employees spend on bad tech is time taken away from achieving the

company's goals.

You'll make a hundred decisions today but none more important than contacting walsh+logic.

walsh+logic technical support and app development





meet walsh+logic

walsh+logic - our story

Formed very soon after the gathering of several like-minded individuals walsh+logic is a collective organization laser focused on delivering exactly what our client’s need before it is needed. Specializing in data mining and deriving clarity from big data walsh+logic will give your data insight and meaning.

walsh+logic vision

To be the best technical support, data services, custom software & mobile app developers in the regions we operate.

Simply put we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that no only are our clients needs satisfied but they experience a whole new level of satisfaction they didn't know existed.

Contact us today for a better tomorrow.

walsh+logic - get tech support today!

To thoroughly collect, analyze, find meaning and develop and executable plan of action from your data systems is a daunting task and one that few organizations successfully execute no matter the budget. Allow walsh+logic to deliver new insights to your organization and provide the edge you need to succeed.


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central & northeast, florida

atlanta metro, georgia

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104 Pine Ave Georgetown, Florida 32139  |  United States

serving government and business accounts in:
putnam, st. johns, flagler, and volusia counties in florida,
the boston area in massachusetts, and all of atlanta and north georgia

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